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Darryl (he/him)


Darryl loves Transformers, Power Rangers, GI Joe, wrestling, and most importantly... Katie writing his bio for him.


Katie (she/they)

Assistant Manager

Villain enthusiast, manga addict, robot enjoyer, horror fiend, and meat popsicle.


Tony "Pugs" Pugserelli (he/him)

Pugs loves Superman and collecting comics about Superman. 


Trevor (he/him)

Trevor loves the 1980's and refuses to leave the decade. He also has an encyclopaedic knowledge of D-list superheroes.



Jay (he/him)

Jay doesn't know how to computer because he's stuck in the '80s, but he wanted us to let you know that he loves action figures, wrestling, and hip hop!

Wu-Tang is for the children!


Riley (they/them)

Riley loves Transformers (favorite: Starscream), horror comics (favorite: Where Monsters Lie), and professional wrestling (favorite: Danhausen). They can usually be found wearing lots of black and yelling about robots kissing.


CJ (they/them)

CJ is awesome. They love music and Transformers.


Chase (he/him)

Chase loves the Flash!

ian profile

Ian (he/him)

Website Developer / D&D Nerd

Ian has been a DM since 1979, creating a campaign setting for 5e.  His passion is in creating new and engaging things every day.