Giant Robot Comics - The Staff!


Darryl (Da' Boss)

Also Known As: D-Drive

What makes him a Nerd: Reading, collecting and searching for Transformers!

Favorite Quote: "One must must fall." - Optimus Prime

Interests: Transformers / Transformers / Transformers


Tony (Da' Muscle)

Also Known As: Pugs

What makes him a Nerd: Superman

Favorite Quote: "Pugs is going to kill me I lost his quote" - Darryl

Interests: Superman / Superman / Munchkin


Katie (Da New Brains and Assistant Manager)

Also Known As: The Magic Card Girl

What makes her a Nerd: A love and understanding of Magic the Gathering, video games and Transformers.

Interests: Fighting Games, MTG, Transformers, Ms Marvel


Trevor (Da Comic Genius)

Also Known As: Captain Canuck's Biggest Fan

What makes him a Nerd: A life long dedication to comics and an encyclopaedic knowledge of D list super heroes.

Interests: All things Marvel and DC, video Games and the Shamrock Shake.


Jeff (Da' Web Guy)

Also Known As: [REDACTED]

What makes him a Nerd: Comic books, Toys, Games, Star Trek, Doctor Who

Favorite Quote: "People assume that time is a strict progression of cause-and-effect...but actually, from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, it's more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly...timey-wimey...stuff." - The Tenth Doctor

Interests: Doctor Who, Star Trek, Green Lantern, Marvel Comics, Star Wars, Time Travel

Gone but never forgotten...


Nikita (Da' Brains)

Also Known As: La Femme

What makes her a Nerd: Pathfinder and collecting Bishujo statues

Favorite Quote: "It's not that you don't's that you can't. Grown-ups never believe." - Dodge in Hill's Locke & Key

Interests: Locke & Key, Scalped, Walking Dead, Crossed, Catwoman & Wonder Woman / Kotobukiya Bishujo Statues / Pathfinder & Catan


Heather (Da Pink Haired Girl)

Also Known As: The horror girl

What makes her a Nerd: A scary love of Silent Hill and Thriller

Interests: Silent Hill, Michael Jackson, Bedlam, Killjoys

Heather got lost in Silent Hill. When its quiet in the shop we can hear her kicking so much ass!